You can use Automation to have Practice-Web carry out all sorts of tasks for you based on triggers you set. 

Add or Edit an Automation

To get started, click on "Setup" in the main menu. Then, choose "Automation" from the dropdown menu. The Automation dialogue will open. 

Click on the "Add" button. The following dialog will open.

  1. In the Description field, enter the name of the automated Trigger. 
  2. In the Trigger field, click on the dropdown button and select a trigger type. 
  3. In the Procedure Code field, enter the codes that will trigger the automated action. 
  4. In the Action field, click on the dropdown arrow and select the action that will take place. 
  5. In the Sheet Def field, click on the dropdown arrow and select the Sheet that will be used. 
  6. When done, click on the 'OK' button.  

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