Refer to Schedule Setup for information on setting up overall Appointment schedules. It allows you to skip the days the office is closed. The following describes adding blockout times and to edit existing blockouts.

Add Blockouts or Blocks of Time 

Blocks of time may be added only where existing blocks of time do not already exist. 
  1. Go to the appointment scheduler and right-click on the area to be blocked out for any reason including reserved for a certain procedure category. Make sure to enter some blockout types under Setup - Definitions.
  2. Select "Add blockout" to add a block for a selected day or days of a week. 

Copy/ Paste Blockouts

Caution: Once blockouts are entered for several weeks, the blockouts can only be deleted one at a time. 
Right-click on a Blockout. Select ‘Blockout Cut-copy-Paste’ to create blockouts for selected days of every week.

The following dialogue will open.

After adding blockouts for a week, click on "Copy Week." Enter the number of repeats e.g. 52 weeks for a year or 104 for two years. Then click on Repeat.  

Delete a Blockout

  1. Right-click on the Blockout and Click on the "Delete."
  2. Repeat the above step for every Blockout to be deleted.  

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