Add a COVID-19 Screening Form to Appointment Confirmation Texts

Add a COVID-19 Screening Form to Appointment Confirmation Texts

1. First update Practice-Web to version 19.2.76.  Click here for the instructions to update.  Call Practice-Web support at 800.845.9379, Option 2 for the update password.

2. After updating, start Practice-Web, click on the Setup menu, and go to Sheets.

3. In the Internal grid on the left side, select the COVID Screening form, then click on the Copy button so the form appears in the Custom grid on the right side.  This form has the screening questions recommended by the ADA.

4. Exit Sheets, click on the Setup menu, and go to Web Forms.

5. In the Cloud Form Setup screen, click on the Add button, double-click on the COVID Screening form, and then click OK.

6. Now the COVID Screening form is in the list of Cloud Forms with an online link.  Patients can sign and submit the form on any mobile device!  

7. If you have Practice-Web Texting (pwConnect) AND you follow the steps above, your automated appointment confirmation texts will include the COVID-19 screening form for patients to submit before they come in!   See the sample text below.  (You can also email the form link or post it on your website--simply right-click and copy the link from the Cloud Form Setup screen above.)

8. To retrieve your patients' signed COVID-19 forms, click on the Tools menu, and go to Web Forms.  Pick the dates you want, refresh, and click the Retrieve button.  Now the forms listed have been auto imported into patient's chart.  

9. To review a completed form, double-click on the form in the Web Forms screen OR pull it from the patient's record by clicking the Forms button at the top of Practice-Web.  If a patient poses a risk and should NOT come in, simply text them from Practice-Web!

10. If you'd like to sign the COVID-19 form to confirm you've reviewed it, open the submitted form, unlock the form (checkbox), sign it, and then click the PDF button.

If you don't have texting (pwConnect), call us at 800.845.9379, Option 1 to sign up for a FREE 30-day trial (and discounted price of $69/mo, save $360/year)!

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