Print and Sign Treatment Plan

Print and Sign Treatment Plan

Treatment plans can be digitally signed by the patient and emailed or texted to the patient. To have the patient digitally sign a treatment plan, you must have a touchscreen (PC monitor or Windows tablet with Practice-Web installed) or Topaz signature pad. Practice-Web is compatible with the Topaz T-S460-HSB or the TL460-HSB. See Electronic Signatures for additional information. 

Treatment Plan Setup

Treatment Plan Setup options are managed in Treatment Plan Module Preferences. From there, you can choose:
  1. Whether to show or not show completed work on the graphical tooth chart.
  2. Whether to show itemized procedure fees or only the total amount.
To set the default Images category for saved PDFs of treatment plans, go to Definitions: Image Categories. 

If no note is entered on the Edit Treatment Plan window, the Note box will not display on printed treatment plans.

Present Two Different Treatment Plans

If you want to present two different treatment plans to a patient, alternate treatment plans must be created from the current treatment plan. For example, all proposed treatment would be entered from the Chart Module, then from the Treatment Plan Module, highlight treatment that will be on the alternate Treatment Plan 1 and click on "Save TP." Repeat for the second alternate treatment plan.  After this has been done, click on the proposed treatment plan and click on the "Print TP" button. 
In the Treatment Plan Module, ensure the treatment plan you wish to print is selected. Then, click the "Print TP" button in the toolbar at the top of the screen. The treatment plan will be sent directly to your office's printer.

Sign a Treatment Plan

After a treatment plan has been saved, select the Proposed Treatment Plan from the  upper window and click on "Sign TP." Then,  Click on "Sign Topaz" and have the patient sign using the Topaz Signature Pad. Then,  click the "OK" button. See Electronic Signatures for additional information.

Note that only saved Treatment Plans can be signed. Default Treatment Plans cannot be signed.

Email a Treatment Plan

Before Treatment Plans can be emailed to patients, the patient's e-mail must be stored in the Patient Information in the Family Module and the office's email account  must be configured in Practice-Web Dental in Setup/E-Mail.
  1. While in the Treatment Plan Module , select either the Default or Proposed TP.
  2. Click on the “Email TP” button in the upper toolbar.
  3. The Treatment Plan will be attached to the email as a PDF file.
  4. Add any desired message and click on the "Send" button.

Text a Treatment Plan

Before Treatment Plans can be sent to patients via text message, the patient's cell phone number must be stored in the  Patient Information  in the  Family Module  and your practice must be signed up for our patient texting service pwConnect.
  1. While in the  Treatment Plan Module , select either the Default or Proposed TP.
  2. Click on the “Text TP” button in the upper toolbar.
  3. The Treatment Plan will immediately be texted to the patient as a PDF file.

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