Setting and Viewing Production Goals

Setting and Viewing Production Goals

Production goals are dynamic in Practice-Web. That means you define an hourly production goal for each provider and the system will automatically consider the total number of hours the provider is scheduled to determine what their goal is based on what you're viewing and how you're viewing it.

For example, if your hygienist's target is $200 per hour and she's only scheduled four hours one day, the system will know her daily goal is $800. Equally, if she's scheduled eight hours, the system will know her daily goal is $1,600. You can even look at those two days and know her overall target is $2,400.

Furthermore, you can view her goals on their own, alongside other hygienists, alongside the doctor, or any other combination you wish, and compare them to  both scheduled production and actual production, as long as you have the initial setup handled correctly. 

Setting Production Goals

Set Up the Provider

To set up goals for a provider:
  1. Click Lists in the main menu, then click Providers. The Provider Setup window will open.
  2. Double-click the provider you wish to edit. The Edit Provider window will open.

At the bottom of the window, you'll see a box called Hourly Production Goal. Add the dollar amount there, then click OK. Repeat the process for each provider you wish to assign a goal to.

Set Up the Schedule

The provider will need to have an assigned schedule in order for the system to know how many hours to count toward their goal. View the Schedule Setup page for instructions if your schedule is not already set up or is not set up correctly.

Viewing Production Goals

You'll see production goals alongside scheduled and actual production in the Appointments Module and in Reports.

Viewing Production Goals by Day

The Daily Production Goal appears on the schedule to the right of the appointments, below the calendar and pinboard. 

Note that in the example above, we're using a view that only shows us the doctor's schedule. When we switch to a view that shows us the hygienist's schedule, the Daily Production Goal changes to include hers as shown below.

View the Appointment View Setup page to learn how to create more views.

Tracking Production Goals

You can view daily production goals and details on scheduled production via the Appointment module as shown above. For a detailed report that includes goals, scheduled production, and completed production over a set period of time, use the Monthly Production Goal Report.

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